How to Convert PowerPoint to MPEG?

Here are the questions asked on Yahoo Answers about PowerPoint Presentation to MPEG conversion:
* What program should I use if I want to convert my PowerPoint slideshow to a MPEG video format?
* I need to convert a Powerpoint presentation to MPEG for internet upload...what's the best way?
* How I can convert PPT presentation to MPEG to get a video so that I can upload it through YouTube?

There are many questions on how to turn PowerPoint file into MPEG video format on the Internet, so here we especially write down this article to show the easiest way to convert PPT to MPEG - that is to use the WondersharePPT2DVD Pro, which is an excellent PowerPoint to MPEG Converter. Additionally, it can also transfer Powerpoint to video clips, convert PowerPoint to iPhone, and so on.

Now just go ahead to download it for free then follow the steps to convert PPT to MPEG.

powerpoint to mpeg converter free download (Windows 7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2008)

Preparation: Set up and run the converter, then choose "Create Video Files".

powerpoint presentation to mpeg

Step 1: Import
Simply click the "Add" button to input your PPT presentations.

Step 2: Settings
Go to "Next" to select MPEG as the output foramt from "Format > Common Video". Then keep on to set the output folder for the converted videos.

how to convert powerpoint to mpeg

Step 3: Convert PowerPoint to MPEG
After you set all the parameters, press "Start" to transfer PowerPoint presentation to MPEG format.

The operation of the converter is as easy as pie, if you want to know more about it, just download it via the link below by yourself for a better experience!

convert a powerpoint slideshow to mpeg for free (Windows 7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2008)

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