How to Make Video from PowerPoint?

If you could make video from PowerPoint, it will be much easier for sharing and delivering your presentations. For example, you can send family vacation or gathering video made from PowerPoint to your family and friends, and you can upload PowerPoint video files to sites like YouTube, MySpace and Hulu as entertainment. However, you could not create video from PowerPoint Presentation directly unless you have the aid of a Video to PowerPoint Converter.

Here you could free download our WondersharePPT2DVD Pro for making video from PowerPoint directly, it is powerful enough to transfer PPT to both DVD movies and any videos files, then you could view your the converted videos on social network sites or your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple TV and so on. Now click the download link below then follow the steps to make PowerPoint into video.

free trial to create video from powerpoint (Windows 7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2008)

Guide: How to Make Video from PowerPoint, Make PowerPoint into Video

Step 1: Run Program and Add Files
Install and start the converter, choose "Create Video Files" on the main panel. Then click "Add" to import your PowerPoint slideshows.

steps on making video from powerpoint presentations

Step 2: Output Settings
Click "Next", then you will see the interface for setting parameters. Choose the needed output format from "Format" pull down list. Also, if you want to make movie from PPT for your device like iPad, iPhone, iPod, PSP, Xbox, etc. you can directly choose the device name accordingly.

how to make video from powerpoint

Step 3: Export Files
After the settings, hit "Next" to define the output folder for the transferred files.

Step 4: Make PowerPoint into Video
Finally, press "Start" to make video from PowerPoint slideshows.

The converting process is all that easy! Want to share your wonderful family gathering and product advertising videos worldwide? Do something and try it for free.

make video from ppt presentation (Windows 7/XP/Vista, Windows Server 2008)

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