How to Convert Word to PowerPoint?

Would you want to convert Word document to PowerPoint without Word to PowerPoint Converter? Well, by using the ways in this article, you can easily convert Word to PPT presentations.

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Steps of Converting Word to PowerPoint

Step1: Prepare the Document
It is important to set up your document using the Outline View mode. To prepare your document in Word, do the following:
1. From the View menu, click Outline, create a Word outline file, and save.
2. When your document is displayed as an outline, you will find the following change:
Text which are formatted with Heading 1 translates into Title text in PowerPoint. Heading 2 changes into bullet one, Heading 3 becomes bullet 2, Heading 4 becomes 3rd level bullet, and so on.

Step2: Convert Word to PPT
1. Open PPT.
2. Click the menu bar on the "insert", choose "slide (from the syllabus)"and in the open dialog box select insert the Word outline file.

Step3: Become Word Outline to a Series of PowerPoint Slides
By opening the Word outline in PowerPoint, a series of slides has been created using your outline data as slide titles and bulleted items on the slides.

Step4: Design Your PowerPoint Presentation
Now that your slides are all created by converting Word to PowerPoint 2007/2003, you can design your presentation by adding one of the themes or templates.

Key Ways to Build Successful Business Presentations

1. Use key terms
2. Choose a appropriate template
3. Use simple and comfortable fonts
4. Make good color scheme
5. Use photographs, charts and graphics
6. Use effectively slide design
7. Avoid using too many slides
8. Limit many of conversion and animation
9.To be sure your powerpoint forenglish can run on any computer


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